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How does an electronic logbook work and what does GPS tracking do?

The GPS module installed in the vehicle records the journey and vehicle information. All data is sent to a server located in Austria via the mobile phone network. The data is analysed and made available online, where it can be retrieved and edited at any time. With the help of GPS (Global Positioning System), positioning, status messages and driving data are available in real time.

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Is the MTrack logbook compliant with the tax authorities?

The private/business switch function eliminates the need to write the logbook and the data can be sent directly to the tax office in the form of automatic reports. MTrack fulfils all legal requirements for a logbook and is 100 percent tax office compliant.

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Does MTrack protect privacy?

The private/business switch distinguishes between private and business use of the vehicle. Private journeys are not visible in detail and the privacy of employees is protected. All information relevant to the tax authorities can be seen in the journey report. For private journeys, only the mileage and kilometres driven are recorded; private routes are not included in the tracking.
If the view of the current vehicle positions is called up online, the vehicles that are in private mode are displayed on the map with the location of the last operational position and are given the status “private” in the list.
Switching between private/business is carried out using an LED-illuminated push button. The private/business switch is the easiest way to ensure a high level of data protection and privacy. The vehicle data is determined exclusively for business trips and only the data for this working time is listed. Only the total number of kilometres driven privately is shown, as is also mandatory in the manually maintained logbook.

What are the cost savings from using MTrack?

  • Detailed overviews show employees’ actual working hours and reduce overtime.
  • GPS tracking clearly shows how many kilometres a vehicle has driven for the corresponding order and how long it has actually been at the location. This allows precise calculations to be made and the actual standing times for customers are clearly visible.
  • Increased efficiency in planning: current positions and status of the vehicles can be called up at any time. This enables cost-saving real-time planning. Time-consuming telephone calls are minimised and the scheduling department always has an up-to-date overview of the vehicle fleet.
  • Working hours and allowances are calculated automatically and can thus be passed on to payroll accounting without any administrative effort.
  • Competitiveness is optimised and existing tours can be intervened in. You can immediately see who is closest to the new order.
  • Tracking and tracing enables electronic region allocation: specific areas can be defined. As soon as a vehicle arrives in the relevant region, this is automatically displayed in the planning department and it is possible to respond to customer requests in a time and cost-saving manner.
  • The overview of fuel consumption, mileage, truck performance and working time guidelines helps you to keep fleet costs down.
  • Mass memory and driver card data are downloaded regularly and automatically without the vehicles having to be on site.
  • The electronic steering log is just a push of a button for your field staff and just a click for your administrative staff. The electronic steering log fulfils all legal requirements and puts an end to error-prone, time-consuming and handwritten documentation.
  • With the MTrack Go employee app, field staff can fill out the forms you have created at the customer’s premises, have them signed by the customer and send them directly to the office with various attachments (e.g. photos).
  • With the API interface, all your data can be called up via one interface.
  • With the IoT sensors function, your existing devices in the company can be combined into a single system. Workflows are optimised, data of all kinds is collected and evaluated, processes are logged and alarms can be triggered.

Does MTrack offer theft protection?

The electronic immobiliser prevents a vehicle from being started without appropriate identification, so that unauthorised people are not permitted to use the vehicle.
The lock is activated automatically after switching off the ignition by interrupting certain processes that are necessary for starting the vehicle.
To deactivate the electronic immobiliser again when the ignition is switched on, a driver must be able to identify him/herself as such (using an RFID chip or iButton).

What to do with MTrack when changing vehicles?

If you are replacing a vehicle, this is not a problem. Arrange an appointment with us and we will send one of our in-house technicians to you. He removes the hardware from the previously used vehicle and installs it directly in the new one. The historical data is transferred and the new vehicle is visible on your screen again.

How much do the tracking solutions cost?

Due to the different requirements of our customers, the costs for our fleet management result from the many options that our solutions MTrack Basic,MTrack Business and MTrack Professional offer. As soon as we know which functions and options are relevant for optimising your fleet, we will be happy to prepare an offer for you.

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Why does MTrack reduce your employees' overtime?

Detailed overviews show employees’ actual working hours and prevent unauthorised overtime from slipping in.

How does MTrack optimise productivity in the company?

  • Tracking and tracing: Real-time planning and electronic region allocation enable a time and cost-saving response to customer requests and route changes.
  • Mass memory and driver card are downloaded regularly and automatically without the vehiles having to be on site.
  • With the driver app MTrack Go field staff can fill out the forms they have created at the customer’s premises and send them to the office immediately.
  • With the function of IoT sensors your company’s existing devices can be combined in a single system. Workflows are optimised, data of all kinds is collected and evaluated, processes are logged and alarms can be triggered.

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Are MTrack's records for refrigerated transport sufficient?

For refrigerated transport, it is often necessary to determine and record when temperatures exceed or fall below certain limits.
The temperature measurement can be used in all mobile and stationary vehicles/machines. Temperature sensors can measure both indoor and outdoor temperatures, analyse them in real time and send this data to the MTrack software. As soon as the preset minimum and/or maximum temperature is exceeded or not reached, you will receive the corresponding status message in the software and optionally also an alarm on one or more mobile phones.

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General questions

What is a geofence?

The geofence describes a closed area. As soon as a vehicle enters this area, a notification can be triggered. In the tracking software MTrack you can define both the geofences and the notifications.

What are the benefits of POIs?

POI stands for Point Of Interest. This allows you to define specific locations and summarise individual POIs into groups, such as customers, construction sites, suppliers, home town and many more. You can optionally assign times (default, lead time, follow-up time) to the POIs, which are then automatically taken into account when calculating the working times.

Is GPS data also transmitted when the vehicle is abroad?

Yes, all of them.

Who installs the tracking hardware?

The tracking hardware can be installed by your employees, a workshop of your choice, our installation partners throughout Austria or directly by our technicians on site.

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Who installs the tracking software?

As the software is online-based, no installation is necessary. You will receive your personal login details from us and can start immediately!

How do your employees benefit from the software?

  • The tedious, time-consuming and error-prone writing of the logbook is no longer necessary.
  • Private journeys are not shown in detail, only the total number of kilometres driven privately is recorded.
  • When using crash sensors, MTrack can immediately send a message in the event of an accident. If the driver cannot be reached, the emergency services can be notified immediately and sent directly to the scene of the accident thanks to GPS tracking.
  • Thanks to the driver recognition function, there can be no confusion within the company when it comes to speeding fines.
  • Office staff can plan and organise maintenance in advance. Any damage caused by non-compliance with the service intervals can therefore no longer be mistakenly assigned to an employee.
  • Customer appointments and their duration can be documented by the employees and there can be no subsequent confusion regarding the length of stay.
  • Office staff can plan routes and simply send them to the appropriate vehicles. Both administrative and field staff benefit from this simplified planning.
  • By determining driving behaviour, you can pay bonuses to your most economical drivers.

Why do you have to install the device in the vehicle instead of using a plug-in solution?

Plug-in solutions appear attractive at first glance due to their simple installation in the vehicle, but they can be unplugged just as easily in everyday life. Therefore, they often do not provide the desired recording 100 per cent. Basically MTrack supports pluggable mobile solutions, which are often used for short-term vehicle rentals. When integrating a professional solution, fixed tracking hardware is used in most cases. This is reflected in the satisfaction of MTrackusers.

Which companies are ITBinder customers?

Both individual companies and large haulage firms have benefited from our fleet management since 1996. As we can customise our solutions, we cover every fleet size from small to medium-sized to large companies, regardless of brand or industry.

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